Sunday, November 20, 2005


November 22 Assignment

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Rotten Tomatoes

This is the ultimate site for movie and entertainment lovers!! It has movie locators and tickets, reviews of films in the theatre and ones that are out on DVD. Rotten Tomatoes had a number of critics that use a system of organizing films into groups by determining if they are rotten or fresh. The site also has tables and lists of top video games and tons of reviews for those.
All of this information is easy to use and find. The site is bright and stimulating to the eye. The organization is great,the space is well used without being cluttered. I really like the use of the color green within the site and the little pictures of tomatoes throughout it. The Spotlight logo is cool and sticks out right away with the letter 'o' being a tomato. I also like the section that tells you when upcoming movies will be released. This is nice because you can use this for several movies and continue to do so as films come out.
The site also has a section labeled Trailers & Clips. It uses flash and allows users to become interactive. This alone could persuade someone to go out and see a movie. Below this table is a section that focuses on careers in the film industry. It has several links that give useful information and this part of the site helps it become a one-stop source for film lovers.
The ad on this site is tasteful because it relates to the content material. Consumers scratch DVD's and there is a link for something that can help you with this. I also like how the different types of entertainment are easy to pick out with the black labels. My boyfriend showed me this site because he visits it all the time and now I will too!

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