Sunday, November 20, 2005


November 22 Assignment

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Rotten Tomatoes

This is the ultimate site for movie and entertainment lovers!! It has movie locators and tickets, reviews of films in the theatre and ones that are out on DVD. Rotten Tomatoes had a number of critics that use a system of organizing films into groups by determining if they are rotten or fresh. The site also has tables and lists of top video games and tons of reviews for those.
All of this information is easy to use and find. The site is bright and stimulating to the eye. The organization is great,the space is well used without being cluttered. I really like the use of the color green within the site and the little pictures of tomatoes throughout it. The Spotlight logo is cool and sticks out right away with the letter 'o' being a tomato. I also like the section that tells you when upcoming movies will be released. This is nice because you can use this for several movies and continue to do so as films come out.
The site also has a section labeled Trailers & Clips. It uses flash and allows users to become interactive. This alone could persuade someone to go out and see a movie. Below this table is a section that focuses on careers in the film industry. It has several links that give useful information and this part of the site helps it become a one-stop source for film lovers.
The ad on this site is tasteful because it relates to the content material. Consumers scratch DVD's and there is a link for something that can help you with this. I also like how the different types of entertainment are easy to pick out with the black labels. My boyfriend showed me this site because he visits it all the time and now I will too!

Monday, November 14, 2005



Know Your Rights As An Online Journalist
The Electronic Frontier Foundation

How Can This Effect Me???
The First Amendment give you freedom of speech rights, but this doesn't mean you can post anything you want on a personal blog. Every state has defamation and libel laws that also apply to things posted online. Blogger Aaron Wall knows all about this. Section 230 and bloggers

What Should I Do To Protect Myself???
  • Know the law
  • Pay attention to comments posted on your blog
  • Join EFF or similar program

    For More Information:
  • Committee to Protect Bloggers
  • Cases going on now

  • Tuesday, November 01, 2005


    Story #2

    Man Sues M-D Anderson Cancer Center Because Of Operation

    After 72 Days, Doctors Find Towel Inside Patient

    Victims Says Center Should Have Found Towel Sooner

    After having a cancerous part of his colon removed, William Miller ran a constant fever for 73 days. After several cat scans, doctors from the Anderson Cancer Center found that a towel had been left inside his abdomen.

    Miller sued the center because he felt the towel should have been found sooner.

    Atul Gawande of the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston says claims involving objects left in the patient's bodies is not unusual.

    Risks are higher when there is an unexpected change in the operation and also when patients are overweight.

    Most of the cases where objects are left inside involved sponges, however nearly one third involved surgical instruments.

    For More Information:
  • What To Do


    Final Exam Story #1

    Emerald Ash Borer Attacks Michigan Trees

    State Enacts Quarantine To Stop Spreading Of The Insect

    Experts Say The Pest Has Been In Detroit For At Least Five Years.

    Ash trees across the state and nation have an enemy that they cannot keep up with. The Emerald Ash Borer is a dark green,wood-boring beetle that is infested an estimated 15 million ash trees in many countries.

    The exotic insect which is one-half-inch in length and one-sixteenth-inch wide was discovered in 2002, according to Michigan's Department of Agriculture.

    Signs that the borer is present are usually undetectable until the tree begins to show symptoms of infestation. Typically upper portions of the tree begin to die and a large number of branches begin to shoot out below the dead parts.

    Currently the state of Michigan has more then 700 million ash trees. A quarantine has been enacted to prevent future spreading of the Emerald Ash Borer.

    A quarantine task force comprised of federal experts and state officials have developed a strategy to detect, contain and eradicate the insect.

    Michigan State University's entomologist David Smitley says insecticide treatment is proving effective in saving healthy ash trees this fall.

    Some keys components of the strategy include:
  • Providing sanitation and disposal options
  • Facilitating tree restoration/replacement whenever possible
  • Conducting ongoing surveys to ensure the pest is not spreading
  • Conducting research into the insect's biology

    For More Information:
    Emerald Ash Borer

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