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Oct. 4 Assignment

Assignment For October 4

Weather Stories

1. You are writing a weather story about a hurricane, and you want to put it in perspective. Find a site that offers a list of hurricanes, and write the name of the site and the URL; then answer these questions: Clue: Check the National Hurricane Center.

National Hurricane Center

a. Name the costliest hurricane in the United States since 1900.

Hurricane Andrew

b. When and where did it occur?

South East Louisiana and South East Florida in 1992

c. How much were the damages?


2. You are writing a story about earthquakes. Find a site that offers good tips on earthquake preparedness. Clue: Check the U.S. Geological Survey.

a. Write the URL for the site.

Plane Crashes

3. A small plane has crashed in or near your community. You want to find out how many plane crashes with fatalities occurred in your community and/or your state in the past year. Clue: Check the National Transportation Safety Board under aviation and do a query for your state or area in the past year or two.

a. How many fatal crashes occurred in the last year?

Three fatal crashes occured in the last year

b. How many non-fatal crashes occurred in the last year?

35 non-fatal crashes occured in the last year

c. If the type of plane or company involved has had more than one fatal crash in the last year or two, check the record of that company using the same query site.

No plane or company was involved in more than one fatal crash in the last year

d. What major investigation of an airline crash did the NTSB conduct in 2000? What was the name of the airline that crashed?

Alaska Airlines Flight 261

Alaska Airlines

U.S. Census Statistics

4. You are writing a story about population growth in your state. The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that in the foreign-born population of the United States will grow significantly. Using the most recent census, localize this story: Clue: U.S. Census Bureau – people – projections for your state.

d. What is the total population for your state based on the most recent census statistics available?

9,938,444 (Census 2000)

Crime Stories

5. You are writing a story about a sex offender moving into a Roseville, Mich. neighborhood. You know the man's name is Ronald Burnette, but you are not sure of his age or his street address.

You want to check his story and do a background check on the sex offender. Where can you find information about his address and crimes? Clue: Check the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.

Michigan Public Sexual Offender Query

a. What is this man’s last known address?

25214 Gratiot Lot 39, Roseville MI, 48066

b. What is his offense as listed on the sex offender registry?

750.520E1A Criminal Sexual Conduct Fourth Degree

Final exercise.

Find the home page for your state. Write the URL.

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