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Oct. 11 Assigment

British Study Finds Children Develop Better Outside Of Day Cares

Are Children Raised At Home Better Or Not?

A new study questions whether day care is really the best option for kids.

When faced with the decision for the first time, some parents call it the scariest feeling they’ve ever had, leaving your small child in the care of someone else.

Working mothers are faced with this decision once they’ve had their babies and their maternity leave is up. They either have to return back to work and find a daycare or become a stay at home mom.

Dr. Elizabeth Childress of Henry Ford Hospital says, “When a childcare facility is top notch, it’s as good as a childcare as you can get. Children who are in childcare usually develop a better set of social skills. It’s like raising a group of children at one time.” However, Childress warns that childcare isn’t always the right decision for every parent.

“For each family it’s different and each family has to determine what’s right for them. It is priceless”, says Childress.

A recent British study of 1200 children found that children from birth to age three whom were cared for by their mothers developed better then those looked after in daycare, by relatives or nannies.

This doesn’t mean that parents should panic about having their children in daycare. Health and Psychology Editor of Parents Magazine Diane Debrogner says, “Parents are constantly hearing headlines and the good things tend to be overlooked.”

The National Institute of Health has found through a long term study at 14 top universities that children of mothers suffering with depression did better in day care or nurseries.
“Their findings have been very reassuring that the vast amount of children do very well in childcare”, says Childress.

Debrogner says, “The report will re-ignite the debate over the best way to bring up young children. Although the researchers argue that it does not conclude that babies would be better off if their mothers stayed at home with them, it does show that there is a need for better quality day care services for babies and toddlers.”

Parents should look at their individual childcare situation and how their children are doing in this situation. Experts say checking out a daycare for its educational value and the amount of attention it provides to your child is key.

For additional information:

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    I think my story could be a better web story if it had a photo gallery. I would like it to contain pictures of local day cares and activities that go on in these centers. I also think a survey would make this a better web story. It would increase the element of interaction even more and really get readers to think about what they should do with their children. I think a simple question like where are your children cared for, would work for the survey. Readers could choose at home, day cares, grandparents, ect.

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