Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Huffing Story

It's cheap, cool and legal...and your kids can easily find it around the house. Cassandra Saunders couldn't believe it when she found her thirteen year old daughter and her fifteen year old friend unconscious in a van outside her home.

"My little girl and her friends snuck out in the middle of the night and thought it would be cool to get high with some freon." Children like Cassandra's daughter and many others are finding huffing to be fun, but it can kill.

Huffing is intently inhaling substances with chemical vapors to try to recieve an altered physical or mental state. Studies from the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse show that adolescents are getting high from a number of things that they can find in their homes, like nail polish, glue, paint, and bathroom deodorizers to name a few.

"Huffing is inhaling something for the purpose of getting high, and they can pretty much huff or sniff anything that smells but the ones that get them high are things like gasoline products. These things have accohols in them and have what manfacturers call propellants," says Dr. Stephen R. Knazik of Children's Hospital of Michigan.

"Kids feel uninhibited, powerful and feel as if they are drunk. Drowsiness and sleep follow the euporia....and sometimes death" says Knazik.

Cassandra's daughter was revived but her fifteen year old friend was pronounced dead at the scene.

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